Bay of Whales

At long last we have arrived at the Bay of Whales. We flew for six hours with one stop to refuel, covering a distance roughly the length of Norway.
Basler taking off from the Bay of Whales, AntarcticaFinally at the Bay of Whales. We watch the aircraft take off; now all other humans are very far away! Photo: Norwegian Polar Institute

Outermost on the barrier, the ice edge where Framheim lay, the glacier has now fractured into unfathomable crevasses. Neither we nor our pilot considered it wise to attempt a landing there, but we got a good view of the historic site from the air.

Our starting point is about 40 km south of Framheim and from our tents we can see the ocean’s signature in the sky. The 1,311 km trip to the Pole now lies ahead.