A new era

A new era has begun for the centenary expedition. We have sighted land! Little white peaks were suddenly visible above the horizon in the southwest. They mark the end (or perhaps the beginning) of the Ross Ice Shelf, and they definitely mark the beginning of the ascent to the Antarctic plateau. The sighting was greeted with great jubilation and celebrated with an extra piece of chocolate at lunchtime. We are nearing the end of the first 700 kilometres.
Three skiers on the Ross ice shelf.On a day like this, what could be better than a little ski trip? Photo: Norwegian Polar Institute

Today we also passed the starting point of Asle T. Johansen's expedition. Those three men, two of whom are using gear from Amundsen’s time, are retracing Amundsen’s route from that point. We have been informed that they are currently at the base of the Axel Heiberg Glacier. Somewhere behind us we have British Army expedition, which set out a couple weeks ago. They are covering the same distance as we are, but without depots. Impressive!

Two more groups are on their way to different starting points along the 1911 route. Christian Eide will guide a group of about 10 people from the base of the Axel Heiberg Glacier, but they are currently weatherbound i Punta Arenas. Christian has our heartfelt sympathy. Later on, Børge Ousland will lead a group that intends to ski the last two degrees in to the South Pole.


Position: S 83 04.936, W 164 43.885
Temperature: -18°C
Wind: 5 m/s from the south
Distance traversed: 35 km
Distance behind Amundsen: 231 km