Videos from the media, Internet and own cameras.
  • Training i Punta Arenas

    Training i Punta Arenas

    23 October 2011: While waiting in Punta Arenas, we spend some of the time training.

  • Roald Amundsen’s trek to the South Pole

    Roald Amundsen’s trek to the South Pole

    Film sequences from Roald Amundsen’s 1911 expedition to the South Pole.

  • Ulvang's excursion to the South Pole

    Ulvang's excursion to the South Pole

    Vegard Ulvang, along with a historian, a researcher, and an adventurer, plans to retrace Roald Amundsen’s steps to the South Pole 100 years after the polar hero.

  • TV2: Øksfjordjøkelen

    TV2: Øksfjordjøkelen

    In late August 2010, the four expedition members went to Øksfjordjøkelen in Finnmark. Aired on Norwegian TV2 4 September 2010.

  • Vegard Ulvang's film from Øksfjordjøkelen

    Vegard Ulvang's film from Øksfjordjøkelen

    All Norwegians know that Vegard Ulvang is a good skier and an expert on wool, but what some don’t realize is that he’s also a talented filmmaker.

  • Glorious weather!

    Glorious weather!

    30 March 2011: What a day! Clear and cold and Svalbard at its very best. Our skis have borne us between magnificent mountains, across the glacier divide at Kongsvegspasset, skirted the slopes of Isrypene and down the glacier at Bardebreen.

  • Pretty cold, yeah!

    Pretty cold, yeah!

    31 March 2011: Yesterday we logged minus 24 degrees °C. That was the last exact measurement we had. Through a mishap, our thermometer had accompanied the television team snowmobiles back to Ny-Ålesund. But we can say one thing for sure – and we say it in unison – It’s colder now!

  • A day in the tent

    A day in the tent

    3 April 2011: The wind was gusting to storm force and it was hard to stand upright. The only thing to do was to stay lying down. We had arranged to be picked up by snowmobile at Fredheim on Sunday evening but the storm put a decisive stop to the last leg down to Sassenfjorden.